03/30/2016 16:41 EDT | Updated 03/31/2017 01:12 EDT

Prison ombudsman's tenure extended for one year amid appointments overhaul

OTTAWA — Federal prison watchdog Howard Sapers says he's pleased to continue in his job after getting a one-year extension.

Sapers, the correctional investigator, says it would be nice to have a longer renewal, but he understands the federal appointments process is in flux.

Last month, the Liberals announced an overhaul of the process aimed at making it more transparent and eliminating the perception that patronage trumps professional qualifications.

In the interim, new appointments were put on hold, with exceptions for positions deemed essential or ones that involved important services to people. 

In such cases, the government will appoint or reappoint someone for up to a year.

Sapers, 58, has been the correctional investigator since 2004, pressing the prison service on issues including mental health, overcrowding and aboriginal over-representation in institutions.


The Canadian Press