03/30/2016 02:27 EDT | Updated 03/30/2016 02:59 EDT

Shark Tank Airbnb Gives People A Fright Night At The Aquarium

"We're going to need a bigger Airbnb."

Forget swimming with sharks — try sleeping with them!

Airbnb and the Aquarium de Paris want to give you a chance to do just that at no charge.

Both are overseeing a contest that will see three people and their guests sleep in a shark tank for one night each between April 11 and 13.

The aquarium has built an underwater bedroom that rests inside its shark facility, where you can sleep on a round bed as hammerheads and other species swim around you.

Winners will be treated to a classy meal alongside the shark tank, as well as displays by shark enthusiast and underwater photographer Fred Buyle, who will swim with the marine predators during your stay.

Anyone who wishes to enter can go to the Airbnb listing, offer a little information about themselves and explain why they should spend a night swimming with the fishes.

The deadline for entry is April 3. Anyone is welcome to apply from anywhere throughout the world — you'll even be flown in.

And one tip: "avoid seeing 'Jaws' before your sleepover. They're kinder than you think!"

This isn't the only unusual Airbnb that has been listed recently.

Last month, the Art Institute of Chicago listed a suite that was designed to look like Vincent van Gogh's "Bedroom in Arles" painting.

February bookings sold out quickly when listed.

But it's tough to imagine how much — or how little — people will want to spend a night with sharks.

Here are more photos of the underwater bedroom at the Aquarium de Paris:

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