03/30/2016 14:54 EDT | Updated 03/31/2017 01:12 EDT

TransCanada asks Quebec judge to reject request for Energy East injunction

MONTREAL — Lawyers for TransCanada are in a Quebec courtroom today asking a judge to reject an injunction related to the company's Energy East pipeline project.

An environmental law group on behalf of several organizations is seeking to force TransCanada (TSX:TRP) to be subject to Quebec's Environment Quality Act.

The energy company argued today the injunction is no longer necessary because the Quebec government has applied for a similar court order with the same objective.

Quebec wants TransCanada to provide a more detailed account of its Energy East proposal, which would result in a more complete environmental review process than the one currently taking place.

TransCanada lawyer Robert Torralbo says it's up to Quebec's attorney general to ask the courts to force a company to respect a law and that citizens cannot make such a demand unless the government refuses to do so.

Arguments are continuing in Quebec Superior Court this afternoon.


The Canadian Press