UMass All-Male Dance Cover Of Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' Is Better Than The Original

These dance moves are on point.

To all the women in Justin Bieber's original "Sorry" music video, your competition has arrived.

In a dance remake like no other, the University of Massachusetts Medical School Class of 2018 has put together almost four minutes of pure perfection.

Uploaded on YouTube by user Anna Handorf, the video is a straight copy of the Canadian singer's original video, featuring New Zealand's ReQuest Dance Crew and Royal Family Mega Crew, but with male med students.

"As soon as 'Sorry' came out in the fall, the first year class love it," Handorf tells The Huffington Post Canada. "We figured that a spoof of the music video would be funny, a way to poke fun at the first years, and a unique way to raise money for a good cause."

"Every year, the second year medical students at UMMS host a 'Class Show' to present to the rest of the student body and faculty. This year, our class decided to incorporate a charitable component to our Class Show to 'up the ante' a little bit," Handorf wrote on her YouTube channel.

Not only do the guys get an A+ for their killer dance moves, but they also have the perfect outfits (many of them homemade) to fit the part. But honestly, anyone who is a fan of the original video, knows these dance moves aren't easy to pull off.

And if that's not impressive enough, the students are using the video to raise awareness and money for Hero Homestead, a transition home for veterans dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues in Fitchburg, MA.

Watch the full video above.

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