03/30/2016 13:52 EDT | Updated 03/31/2017 01:12 EDT

Wall take party record, new promises to rural voters ahead of April 4 vote

YORKTON, Sask. — Saskatchewan Party Leader Brad Wall is rolling through rural Saskatchewan on the campaign trail.

Wall started the day in the city of Yorkton, but will also visit Canora-Pelly and Melville Saltcoats, where he plans to talk about the Saskatchewan Party's record as government.

Most of the big campaign announcements have been made in larger city centres and Wall admits that's because where most media are located.

But the premier says he wants to strike the right balance by making sure that rural Saskatchewan features in the campaign and in the ideas being put forward.

Wall says some of the campaign promises will help rural Saskatchewan, including a new tax credit for volunteer firefighters and first responders and $70 million over three years to repair more highways.

The region is considered a stronghold for the Saskatchewan Party, which held all of the rural seats before the election was called.

The Saskatchewan Party is looking to fill big shoes in the ridings of Canora-Pelly and Melville-Saltcoats, which were held by former finance minister Ken Krawetz and former agriculture minister Bob Bjornerud.

Krawetz and Bjornerud helped form the Saskatchewan Party in 1997. Both have retired from politics.

The election is Monday.


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