03/31/2016 16:30 EDT | Updated 04/01/2017 01:12 EDT

Canada's worst drivers are in B.C., says nationwide survey

Canadians think drivers in B.C. are the worst in the country, and getting worse — not better — according to a new survey.

Figures released Thursday by Insights West suggest 50 per cent of Canadians believe drivers on the roads are worse now than five years ago.

The figure rises to 58 per cent in Alberta and 57 per cent in British Columbia, according to the national online survey of 1,002 adults that was conducted in January.

When asked if they had seen particular types of dangerous driving, B.C. was near the top in every category, with up to 84 per cent of residents surveyed reporting seeing a driver make a turn without signaling within the last month.

When asked who is doing the bad driving, most of those surveyed pointed their fingers at either the young or the old for not abiding by the rules, according to pollster Mario Canseco.

"Aside from the expected generational clash, there are two overarching themes to the complaints from Canadians who say some drivers are responsible for the problems on the road," said Canseco.

"While some keep the focus primarily on country of origin, others are upset with drivers who continue to illegally use their mobile devices while behind the wheel."

Canseco said he would like to repeat the survey in coming years to see if there is an actual trend underway.

The survey comes as a recent road rage incident recorded by a driver with a dash camera in downtown Vancouver was posted on YouTube.

The video shows a driver speeding past a parking lane, before being pulled over by the police as he continues to berate the other driver.