03/31/2016 14:29 EDT | Updated 04/01/2017 01:12 EDT

Israel's transgender activist asks to go to women's prison

JERUSALEM — A transgender Israeli teenager, jailed for refusing to join the military as a conscientious objector, is petitioning the army to be moved to a women's prison.

Nineteen-year-old Aiden Katri is the first Israeli transgender woman to be jailed for refusing to serve in the military.

Noa Levy, a lawyer from Mesarvot, a group that supports Israelis refusing to serve in the military on ideological grounds, said the request was made on Thursday.

Levy says that Katri was jailed earlier this week and that she could have gotten out of the army but wanted to actively refuse service to protest against Israeli rule in parts of the West Bank and its policies toward the Palestinians.

Levy says Katri wanted to protest "the occupation."

The Associated Press