03/31/2016 13:02 EDT | Updated 04/01/2017 01:12 EDT

Man charged in alleged break-in at RCMP headquarters sent for psych evaluation

MONTREAL — A man facing terrorism-related charges after allegedly trying to break into RCMP headquarters will have a psychiatric evaluation.

Sidy Mouhamoud Keita was sent to a Montreal psychiatric hospital today where an expert will determine his level of criminal responsibility.

Keita's lawyer says he had a previous arrest this year in another jurisdiction and that he was ordered to see a doctor because of mental-health issues.

Vanessa Sadler says the RCMP also met with Keita's mother, who confirmed there are some concerns about his mental welfare.

His case returns to court April 29.

Keita, 19, was arrested after allegedly trying to jump a fence at the RCMP building on Tuesday. He faces three charges: perpetrating a terrorism hoax, breaking and entering and harassment.

The Canadian Press

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