03/31/2016 04:00 EDT | Updated 04/01/2017 01:12 EDT

Manitoba political parties all agree that children in care numbers must be cut

WINNIPEG — If there's one thing all of Manitoba's major political parties can agree on, it's the need to do something to reduce the record number of children in care.

Manitoba has one of the highest apprehension rates in Canada and seizes an average of one newborn baby a day.

On Wednesday, the Liberals said they would bring the number down by half to roughly 5,000 by putting more money into supporting families rather than apprehending children.

The Tories said they would give First Nations communities more power to intervene and would support struggling families rather than continue seizing children.

And the NDP promised to carry through on its work to pass customary care legislation, which would place children at risk of apprehension with a family member in their community.

A bill they had proposed on the matter died when the election was called.


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