03/31/2016 15:41 EDT | Updated 04/01/2017 01:12 EDT

Massey Tunnel replacement bridge supported by Richmond Chamber of Commerce

Building a bridge to replace the Massey Tunnel would be good for business, according to the Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

The business group is adding its voice to the "general support" the provincial government says exists for the $3.5 billion Massey Tunnel replacement project. 

Almost 90 per cent of its members are in favour of a bridge crossing where the Massey Tunnel currently is, said Rob Akimow, chair of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, on Thursday.

"Our members have stated there has been a need for this in the community for 10, 15 years now," he said.

"Basically, we want to move goods and services, we want to get the traffic congestion at that interchange moving smoothly."

But some local politicians in Metro Vancouver have voiced concern about the cost of the project. 

Other critics say the bridge will increase the number of cars on the road, something the region shouldn't encourage because of the environmental impact.

But Akimow says there is little choice when it comes to a cities that are growing so quickly.

"Obviously global warming and the environment is a concern — it should be for everyone," he said.

"But at the end of the day, with the amount of growth the region is anticipating, the bridge is, in the chambers view — our members view, the right move."

Akimow said, however, some members are concerned about potential tolls for the new bridge. The province has not announced how much drivers will end up pay in tolls.

The Massey replacement bridge will span the south arm of the Fraser River linking Delta to Richmond.

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