03/31/2016 14:19 EDT | Updated 04/01/2017 01:12 EDT

Massive hockey brawl breaks out after hockey game in Unity, Sask.

A crowd of frustrated fans started throwing punches after a men's senior hockey game in Unity, Sask., on Tuesday evening.

The Biggar Nationals and the Wilkie Outlaws faced off in Game 5 of the Sask West Hockey League final to determine who would be champion of the league. The league includes men aged 18-45.

Nick Wourms attended the game to cheer on his older brother, who plays for the Biggar Nationals.

"Throughout the game you could hear the fans bickering with one another because the rink was so packed," said Wourms.

"Typically what you see in a senior hockey game, the fans of one team sit at on one end and other one's sit at the other. But it was just a big cluster of all different kinds of people because it was so packed and you had people disagreeing with one another."

Wourms said it was a close hockey game, with the Wilkie Outlaws scoring their fifth goal into an empty net in the third period.

Fans argued over which team was playing better and emotions boiled over once the game ended and the Wilkie Outlaws were crowned the winners with a final score of 5-2, according to Wourms.

"Someone pushed someone, and the next thing … a brawl broke out," Wourms said.

"There's never a reason for that stuff to happen but it did escalate quickly that's for sure."

After making sure his friends and girlfriend were safely out of the way, Wourms began to record the skirmish in the stands.

"It was pretty much over nothing. The game wasn't very dirty," said Wourms.

He says the RCMP showed up at the rink but were unable to reach the melee through the crowd until the fight had come to a calm.

The RCMP in Unity says it is currently investigating the incident and no charges have been laid. There have been no reports of injuries or complaints made to the division.

David Hogg, the president of the Sask West Hockey League, says it was a good hockey game and there was no need for "hooligans" to ruin it with a fight.

Hogg says the league does not condone this type of behaviour from fans and will be discussing the brawl at the next league meeting.

Wourms said this is not the first hockey brawl he has witnessed as a fan.

"Some people get a little passionate I guess. I come from a hometown where there's some passion, that's for sure," said Wourms.