03/31/2016 14:32 EDT | Updated 04/01/2017 01:12 EDT

Omar Elabi, Pierrefonds man linked to threatening video, released on conditions

Omar Elabi, the Pierrefonds man linked to online threats about an explosive device, was released under several conditions Thursday.

Elabi, 20, was taken into custody Tuesday following a police sweep of his home in which at least 200 people were evacuated from his Pierrefonds neighbourhood. 

Police said a threatening video about making bombs was traced via an IP address to the home Elabi lives in with his parents. 

Elabi is accused of inciting fear of a terrorist act, under Section 810.01 of the Criminal Code.

He has been asked to sign a peace bond, a protective order used when the defendant "appears likely to commit a criminal offence, but there are no reasonable grounds to believe that an offence has actually been committed," according to the federal Department of Justice.

Slew of conditions

Elabi has agreed to the terms of his release, which include keeping the peace, behaving himself and appearing in court when required. 

He will also have to reside at his parents' home in Pierrefonds.

In addition, Elabi will not be allowed to:


Move without obtaining prior permission from the court.


Use the internet, except for school or work-related purposes.


Use software that can change his IP address or enable an anonymous connection.


Consult or attempt to consult terrorist material or any material that promotes violence.


Possess any sort of firearm, ammunition, explosive substances or tools to build explosive devices.

Elabi will be back in court May 30.