03/31/2016 09:30 EDT | Updated 04/01/2017 01:12 EDT

Wagstaffe's Weather: Even nicer Thursday

We're not done with the nice weather yet!

Another chilly start will quickly be replaced by a sunny and warm afternoon. Temperatures will again hit the 20 C mark inland.

On Tuesday several daily high temperature records were broken including Squamish at 21.5 C and Victoria Gonzales at 18 C. 

Even more records are expected to fall on Thursday and Friday with temperatures a degree or two warmer.

The massive high pressure ridge that has been ushering in mild Pacific air will stick around through to the end of the week but will begin to flatten out over the weekend.

That will mean cooler, unsettled air to return to northern B.C. but southern sections of the province should stay sunny and warm through the weekend.

Looks like Vancouver rain will return for Monday.