04/01/2016 02:46 EDT | Updated 04/01/2016 02:59 EDT

Everything's Illuminated With This Blind Tourist's Quebec Adventure

Danny Kean has been blind since birth. So when he travelled to Quebec last summer, the province's tourism board pulled out all the stops to make his trip a particularly unforgettable one.

An advert uploaded to YouTube on Thursday shows the American tourist, accompanied by his guide Judith Baribeau, enjoying the deep sensory pleasures la belle province has on offer.

From taking in the sounds and smells of Montreal’s Marché Jean-Talon to enjoying the taste of cheese fresh off a wheel at Fromagerie du Presbytère, viewers contemplate what travel is like for a blind tourist.

Enjoying marshmallows by firelight, Kean shares a touching reminder about how his experiences aren’t completely different from those with sight.

“You know there’s a reason why people close their eyes when they kiss, when they cry, and when they pray. Because the most essential things in life must be felt with our hearts,” he says in the video above.

Kean’s adventures are featured in an interactive documentary titled “Blind Love” which can be found here.


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