04/01/2016 12:09 EDT | Updated 04/01/2016 12:59 EDT

Cara Delevingne Denies That She Quit Modelling, Opens Up About Battle With Depression

The model-turned-actress took to Twitter to set the record straight about quitting the modelling world.

Cara Delevingne wants everyone to know that she didn't quit modelling, but rather, took a break due to her ongoing battle with depression.

The 23-year-old Brit, who was recently announced as the face of Saint Laurent's latest ad campaign, took to Twitter to shed light on her "return" to the modelling world.

"Can we just set the record straight...I never said I was quitting modeling," she expressed on the social media platform Thursday evening.

"I do not blame the fashion industry for anything. I suffer from depression and was a model during a particularly rough patch of self hatred," she continued.

She concluded her self-proclaimed "rant" with the following words: "I am so lucky for the work I get to do but I used to work to try and escape and just ended up completely exhausting myself. I am focusing on filming and trying to learn how to not pick apart my every flaw. I am really good at that."

Back in August, the "Paper Towns" star told The Times that she's "not doing fashion work anymore" saying the demands of the industry has taken a toll on her physical and mental health.

"I was, like, fight and flight for months. Just constantly on edge," she said. "It is a mental thing as well because if you hate yourself and your body and the way you look, it just gets worse and worse."

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