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Dadchelor Party: Men Are Having Baby Showers, Too

"Something that allows a guy to transition from dude to dad is an important element in getting him prepared [for fatherhood].”

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Men like to drink beer

Traditionally, baby showers celebrate a woman becoming a mother, but that’s all about to change. Dadchelor parties, also known as men-only baby showers, are now trending.

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While baby showers are generally considered women-only events, new data from Pinterest finds that men have never been more interested in throwing a party of their own. According to the image sharing site, pins for “man showers” rose by 149 per cent in 2015, and pins for coed parties increased by 255 per cent.

A quick search on Pinterest pulls up a multitude of ideas for dadchelor parties, which can have a number of themes including “Huggies and Chuggies,” “Beer and Diapers” and “Poker and Pampers.”

Not only that, but the ideas on Pinterest cover everything from invitations to food to games. Just take a look below.

To back up the Pinterest data, Crystal Adair-Benning, owner of Toronto wedding and event planning company Distinct Occasions, told the Toronto Star that a quarter of her baby business is now coed showers, when just two years ago it was women-only.

“Why shouldn’t a dad be able to celebrate?” Adair-Benning said. “Having a baby is a big deal for dads and I think as a society we don’t talk about it as much.”

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Scott Steinberg, author of the best-selling series “Modern Parent’s Guide,” agrees and believes these types of showers have a number of benefits.

“What’s cool about dadchelor parties is that men are embracing the concept of fatherhood a lot more actively these days,” he told Buzzfeed. “We give prospective moms the opportunity to connect, have fun and celebrate the joy of being an impending parent. There’s no reason dads shouldn’t have the same opportunity.”

Although dadchelor parties are now trending, they aren’t a new phenomenon. first reported the rise in popularity of man showers back in 2014. At that time, Pinterest began to notice “man showers” gaining traction on their site.

Additionally, Wisconsin graphic designer Maureen Anders said she noticed a definite increase in requests for custom, man-shower party invites at her company Anders Ruff. Naturally, “barbecue, babies and beer” was the most popular theme.

So why are dadchelor parties suddenly boosting in popularity? According to Simon Isaacs, co-founder of parenting site Fatherly, men are “getting more and more involved with their wives’ pregnancies” than ever before.

Ninety percent of men are participating in picking out registries,” he said, “we’re encouraging them to take more paternity leave. I think having something that allows a guy to transition from dude to dad is an important element in getting him prepared [for fatherhood].”


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