04/01/2016 06:06 EDT | Updated 04/03/2016 04:59 EDT

Taylor Swift Falls Off Treadmill For Hilarious New Apple Ad

But she "Shake It Off" all the way to the bank.

Taylor Swift, or rather Taylor Splat, face-planted off a treadmill for a newly released Apple Music ad.

The ad begins with the 26-year-old singer's #relatable inner monologue begrudging cardio so she, like all of us, turns to music to fuel her workout.

The "Shake It Off" songstress starts the treadmill and begins her version of "Jumpman," by Future and Drake (Swift's fellow Apple Music crew). That's when things go downhill.. literally.

As she over enthusiastically dances and raps, she trips over herself and falls (somehow, still gracefully) off the treadmill. Perhaps she should leave the treadmill tricks to OK Go.


This ad came as a bit of a shock to those who remember Swift's feud with Apple Music last year, in which she criticized them of unfair profit distribution with their streaming service.

At the end of 2015, Swift announced that Apple Music had the exclusive video for her 1989 World Tour, so it seems like they've buried the hatchet.

But for some, this collaboration still seemed an April Fool's prank.

Some created some #FBF mash-ups

Some were inspired to get on the treadmill

Some were inspired to stay off

Some were calling foul

Some thought Swift could take comfort in her cash

And she's not the only one profiting. The Drake and Future single, which was released last year is undergoing a renaissance thanks to the clip.

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