04/04/2016 04:41 EDT | Updated 04/04/2016 04:59 EDT

What Is Autism: Video Lets Us Experience The Disorder First-Hand

"I’m not naughty. I’m autistic. And I just get too much information." Those are the poignant words that close an effective autism awareness video, created by The National Autistic Society.

By watching the video, we experience what a common experience -- going to the mall -- is like for a child with autism. "Sometimes sounds feel like my head is exploding. Clothes feel like my skin is burning. And when a tiny thing changes, it feels like my world is ending," explains the video description. And that sensory overload can set off a child with autism.

The UK organization goes a step further than creating awareness. The video is part of a larger campaign called "TMI," which also outlines what people can do if someone with autism is having a difficult time. This includes giving the person space, turning down loud noises or bright lights, trying to put yourself in his or her shoes and showing them kindness rather than judgment.

According to the site, "84 per cent of people with autism feel that people judge them as strange." This organization is trying to change that with one very effective video, which has already been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.


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