04/05/2016 12:44 EDT

Rihanna Effortlessly Walks Over Subway Grate (a.k.a. Death Trap) In Stilettos

From the moment we saw our first romantic comedy in the movie theaters, we women have been mortified of grates.

We know that scene all too well — single, independent protagonist strutting down the street with loads of shopping bags in hand and a pair of designer sunglasses balancing perfectly on her nose. She's most likely wearing a trench coat and a killer pair of stiletto heels. An iconic pop song is playing in the background and the character is strutting her stuff in slow motion.

Nothing can stop her!

Except for that upcoming grate you're about to get your heel stuck in...

If it can happen to J.Lo and her Gucci heels in "The Wedding Planner," it can happen to all of us...

Well, all of us expect for one woman who defies all odds... Rihanna.

Yes, that is Bad Girl Riri, in stilettos (with the thinnest of heels, might we add) gliding effortless across a New York City death trap. She doesn't get stuck, she doesn't trip, she remains flawless in the face of danger.

"Jesus can walk on water but can he do this," one Twitter user writes.

As the above tweet shows, this isn't even the first time she's perfected the walk. She's done it not once, not twice but three times before.

So calm, so cool, so collected.

All praise, RIRI!

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