04/06/2016 03:32 EDT | Updated 04/06/2016 03:59 EDT

Instagram Thought This Woman's Cake Post Was A Picture Of 'Boobs'

Sorry Instagram, we just don't see it.

A U.K. woman's picture of an Easter simnel cake was banned from Instagram after the social media site thought it violated the company's terms.

Sue Moseley had uploaded the photo of the traditional fruit cake on the site, only later to find out Instagram had deactivated her account.

In a tweet, her daughter Fiona Moseley said her mother was "gutted."

"It's a religious cake, so couldn't get any further from 'sexually explicit content,'" Fiona told Indy100.

According to Mashable, her mother had filed an appeal and received an email noting the banned photo was "sexually suggestive or contains nudity."

Both Fiona and her sister Jenifer believe the picture was banned because it looked like boobs.

After Instagram deactivated her mother's account, Jenifer, who actually baked the cake, posted a picture of the cake from another angle.

"Dear @instagram this is a cake, not a boob," she wrote on her account.

Dear @instagram this is a cake, not a boob #censorednipples #boobgate #givemymumbackherinstagramaccount @suemoseley

A photo posted by Jenny (@jennifermoseleychef) on

But there is a happy ending to this not-so-boob-like cake. According to an Instagram spokesperson, deactivating Sue's account was a mistake and as of Tuesday, the U.K. mother has access to her account again.

"We made a mistake here and restored the account as soon as we learned about it," the spokesperson told The Huffington Post U.K. "Our apologies go out to Sue Moseley for the trouble we caused her.”

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