04/07/2016 15:15 EDT | Updated 04/08/2017 01:12 EDT

Manitoba Conservatives promise to boost child-care spaces, review regulations

WINNIPEG — Manitoba's Conservative party says it will boost funding for home-based daycares to put a dent in the province's massive wait list for child care spots.

Candidate Ian Wishart says if the party is elected, it will help fund 550 new home daycare spaces this year.

He says the party will increase funding for home daycares with a focus on spaces for infants.

Wishart says the Conservatives would also review the regulations necessary for daycare operators to make them less cumbersome and work with schools to establish daycare centres.

There are 12,000 children on a wait-list for child care in Manitoba.

The NDP has promised to expand daycare spaces, partly by linking centres to local schools.

The Canadian Press