04/07/2016 10:14 EDT | Updated 04/08/2017 05:12 EDT

Quebec Cops' Sex With Haitian Locals Broke UN Rules: Report

Images by Steve Skinner Photography via Getty Images
MONTREAL — Several Quebec police officers violated United Nations regulations by engaging in sexual activities with Haitian women and at least two had children, the CBC's French-language network reported Wednesday.

Radio-Canada said one Montreal police officer had a child with his housekeeper in 2013 and that he was suspended for nine days.

He has since retired and is helping the woman, the network said.

Regulations prohibit people on official UN business from having sexual relations with locals.

Radio-Canada reported that another Montreal officer had a child with a Haitian woman in 2012 and that she complained when he stopped giving her money for the infant. He was subsequently suspended for five days.

The network also said two Quebec provincial police officers had sexual relations with Haitian women.

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