04/07/2016 12:55 EDT

Regina Says Don't Worry About Chemical By-Product In Water Supply

The city is working to reduce the levels.

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The Saskatchewan Legislative Building is reflected in Wascana Lake on a beautiful, sunny autumn morning in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

REGINA — Recent testing done by the City of Regina has found higher than normal levels of trihalomethanes in its water supply.

Pat Wilson, director of water works for the city, says the levels of the chemical by-product of chlorine disinfection aren't a health concern because they aren't at a dangerous level.

She says the limit for trihalomethanes is .01 parts per million, and the city was at .013 ppm.

Citizens can use water filter: Wilson

Wilson says it would only be a health concern to residents over several years of exposure, but says if people are worried they can use a simple water filter.

The city is working to reduce the levels with operational changes, capital investment and improved water quality at Buffalo Pound Lake.

Wilson says they will be monitoring the water on a monthly basis.

The City recently expanded its water testing to include all 75 parameters set out in Health Canada's drinking water guidelines.


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