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'Big Brother Canada' Season 4 Week 6 Recap: Kelsey Comes Back

The #BBCAN4 jury house is now open!

**NOTE: This recap contains spoilers for "Big Brother Canada" season 4.

Drama, drama, drama! Week six brought it in droves.

After a unanimous vote, Sunday night saw the return of Kelsey Faith. But the flight attendant that left in week three wasn't the same woman who returned week six. After living in the BBCAN suite with fellow evictee Loveita Adams, Faith came back with strategy and game play on her mind.

Step one of her strategic play, get rid of Mitchell Moffit for being the mastermind behind Joel Lefevre's HOH plays. Too excited to contain herself, Faith spilled the beans about Moffit to her showmance Jared Kessler, before telling her bestie Raul Manriquez.

Unfortunately, while Faith was away, Manriquez found a new best friend in Moffit. So it was a bit of a surprise for the fashion stylist when his old friend told him his new friend was a fake. Which led to a Manriquez-meltdown — the first of many confrontations of the week.

Frustrated and confused, Manriquez responded in the only way he knew how. With focus and drive he held on for his first HOH of the season.

Unsurprisingly, Manrquez nominated Moffit for eviction along side Lefevre who put him up in week three. In a game of chance, neither was able to save themselves from the block after Kessler won the POV.

It seemed as though Moffit was destined for eviction from the moment he was put on the block, but for a mere moment it looked like Kessler was seriously considering saving him in favour of back-dooring brothers Nick and Phillipe Paquette. But Manriquez wasn't interested, and while Kessler might have followed through, Moffit's shocking speech during the POV ceremony put an end to that plan.

Calling Manriquez, Kessler and Faith a "three-headed monster" and a "cancer in the house", Moffit went down swinging. From holding secret meetings and and outing Faith's door deals, the YouTube star proved he really was a mastermind.

But he might have tried a little too hard, because when the votes came in on Thursday night, the house chose to evict him in a five to three vote. Making him the first member of the jury house.

Upon his exit, Moffit chided his former housemates telling them if one of the three makes it to the end, they'll have his vote so they should be targeted first.

While the show ended before the new HOH was revealed, the live feeds suggest Maddy Pavle won her second HOH of the season. Here's hoping her reign will result in another big shake up.

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