04/08/2016 04:50 EDT | Updated 04/08/2016 04:59 EDT

Kids Snacks: 12 Easy Ideas That Are Rich In Vitamin D

Pip And Ebby/The Gracious Wife

If you want your kids to grow healthy and strong, then vitamin D is essential for their diet. Not only does vitamin D help absorb calcium, but it also helps children grow strong teeth and bones.

According to Dietitians of Canada, kids aged four to eight need 3000 IU of vitamin D daily, while kids aged nine and up need 4000 IU. If kids don't get enough of the nutrient, they can develop soft bones, known as rickets, early in life and are more likely to develop osteoporosis in adulthood. Additionally, a lack of vitamin D can prevent kids from reaching their proper genetic height.

So how can you get more vitamin D into your kids? By serving them some of the tasty snacks below! These ideas are all quick and easy, and are sure to become new favourites with your kids.

Kids Snacks Rich In Vitamin D