04/11/2016 12:24 EDT | Updated 04/13/2016 12:17 EDT

The Greatest Breakfast Bowl Recipes On The Internet

Annie Robinson

Are you tired of eating boring oatmeal for breakfast? Is cold cereal not hitting the spot like it used to? Kick-start your morning with a breakfast bowl -- arguably Instagram’s most popular breakfast offering. A quick search of #breakfastbowl will reveal a large selection of colourful food pics full of fruit, superfoods and creamy yogurt. They’re not only visually stunning, but bursting with nutrients too. Here’s the best part: you don’t have to venture to a downton vegan bar and spend $12 to enjoy a bowl -- you can make one easily at home.

In partnership with iögo Probio yogurt, now available in a resealable pouch, we’ve rounded up some of the best breakfast bowl recipes the internet has to offer, from a papaya boat version full of vitamin C, to a smoothie bowl recipe that the whole family will love.

papaya boat iogo

Papaya Boat Beauty

Annie Robinson’s breakfast bowl is vibrant and packed with exotic fruit. Using a halved and seeded papaya as the recipe’s bowl, this dish is delicious, stunning and inventive. Get those phones out because this recipe is Instagram-worthy.

gluten free breakfast

Gluten-Free Brekkie

Full of hemp seeds, chia seeds and fresh fruit, this gluten-free breakfast option by Pauline Osena packs a superfood punch. Prepare this breakfast in an assembly line for a stress-free morning.

smoothie bowl

Smoothie Bowl Sweetness

This breakfast bowl recipe by Trish Bentley is a fun twist to the morning smoothie. Made with iögo Probio Yogurt, fresh fruit and crunchy toppings, this recipe will quickly become a breakfast staple.

To answer continued consumer requests for a healthier product, iögo’s all-natural Probio yogurts is now made with 25 per cent less sugar.