04/11/2016 01:27 EDT | Updated 04/11/2016 01:57 EDT

Fort McMurray Thief Finds The Stupidest Way To Steal Gas

Don't do this.

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A closeup of a backlit illuminated gas gage with the needle indicating an empty tank on an isolated dark background

A Fort McMurray thief is lucky to have not been burned alive after puncturing a number of gas tanks in a dangerous attempt to steal fuel.

Fort McMurray residents awoke on March 20 to find pools of gasoline under their vehicles and rough holes punched in their gas tanks.

Five pickup trucks were damaged, all in a residential parking lot near Stony Mountain Road, Fort McMurray Today reported.

“Stealing fuel in this manner has the potential to create a very dangerous situation as sparks and fumes don’t go well together," said Wood Buffalo RCMP Cpl. George Cameron in a press release, according to

A pyrotechnics expert told the National Post that the most dangerous part of the crime was that it left the parking lot flooded with gasoline.

The suspect in this case didn't walk away with gallons of gas. A broken jerry can was found nearby.

Gasoline thefts are done by siphoning gasoline through with a hose through the gas cap — so this case stands out as unusual police say.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Wood Buffalo RCMP at 780-788-4040.

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