04/11/2016 01:50 EDT | Updated 04/11/2016 01:55 EDT

'Generic Presidential Campaign Ad' Makes Hilarious Use Of Stock Footage

"Hello, it's me, candidate for president."

Smiling faces. Firm handshakes with blue-collar workers. Wheat fields. Waving flags. Lens flares.

If that sounds like every generic political campaign video, you're not wrong — and a new video by a Calgary stock footage company combines those clips flawlessly to lampoon U.S. presidential election ads.

"Hello, it's me, candidate for president," says an older, white man in the video, titled "This Is a Generic Presidential Campaign Ad."

"My record shows that I can construct a narrative by keeping details pretty vague," he adds, while gesturing vaguely at papers while sitting around with other white men in ties.

"My record shows that I can construct a narrative by keeping details pretty vague."

The ad was a follow-up to Dissolve's "This Is a Generic Brand Video," a hilarious take on corporate advertising gone wrong.

Both videos were made entirely with stock footage from the Alberta-based company.

CBC had a witty take on the video, putting together a generic article to report on the video's release.

"This is a lede. It's meant to draw you into the story by telling you what you're about to read... In this case, we want you to be interested in a story about a mock presidential campaign video," wrote reporter Drew Anderson.

The company said in a release that while it doesn't "recommend being quite so vague and generic" as this political campaign ad, it's happy to help American candidates make a great election ad that doesn't accidentally feature clips of Canada — like Marco Rubio accidentally did when he featured Vancouver instead of San Francisco in one of his campaign videos.

Watch Dissolve's "Generic Campaign Ad".

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