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Style Hacks For Rainy Days: What To Do After You're Caught In An Unexpected Downpour

And your hair!

Springtime in the city means getting caught in a downpour at least once this season.

Yes, we’re quite aware that April showers bring May flowers but that doesn’t change the fact that rain can ruin our clothing or even worse, a fresh blowout.

Unless you conveniently carry around a poncho stolen from that time you rode the Maid of the Mist, you’re probably doomed to trudge home in damp clothes and soggy shoes.

If an unannounced downpour has damaged your more delicate pieces or ruined your perfectly coiffed hair just in time for an interview, we have some easy solutions to ensure you make it out of rainy season unscathed.

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1. Denim stains on a light-coloured purse

If you own a white purse and jeans in a dark wash, you’ve probably experienced colour transfer, which rain will only serve to perpetuate.

If you don’t have leather cleaner on hand, a quick and easy way to get most of the dye off is to use a makeup remover wipes. A gentle detergent with warm water will also do the job. Make sure you tackle the stain as soon as possible so it doesn’t settle in.

If the stain doesn’t come out completely, hunt down some Saddle Soap, which should erase the last remnants.

2. Revive wet suede shoes

Who doesn’t love a pair of suede shoes or boots? Except, the delicate material often gets damaged in the rain.

If you get caught in a storm wearing your favourite suede kicks, don’t fret. As soon as you get indoors, blot them with paper towel or a micro-fibre cloth if you have one on hand.

Give the suede some TLC with a soft bristled toothbrush while drying it on low heat with a hairdryer. Many of us don’t have a suede eraser kicking around but it’s a good idea to purchase one if you want to get your suede shoes back in pristine condition.

3. Keeping your cashmere sweater intact

A great cashmere sweater is the perfect spring staple but Mother Nature doesn’t particularly care if you paid $200 for it. Luckily, water won’t necessarily ruin cashmere but what you do post-rainstorm is really what matters.

Getting soaked in your cashmere best will result in quite a weighty, damp and smelly sweater. Your first inclination may be to toss it up on hanger to dry right away.

Wrong! Take it off, press out the water and lay it flat to dry. You can also wash it right away and follow the same steps. Whatever you do, don’t whip it off and toss it on your bedroom floor.

4. Condition dried-out leather caused by rain

Rain will often temporarily discolour leather, but in certain instances, it can actually cause the leather to stiffen and dry. If you don’t have a leather conditioning kit, give it a wipe with some olive oil in the meantime.

This isn’t something you should do on the regular but if you’re in a pinch and want to add a bit of moisture and prevent cracking, this could be a good temporary solution.

If you own a lot of leather, it’s always a good idea to invest in a cleaning and conditioning kit.

5. Frizzy hair, go away

Even those with the most manageable locks deal with a bit of frizz after getting caught in the rain.

You have a few options to make the best of your rain soaked hair if you happen to be meeting a dinner date or going to an event. Hunt down a hand dryer ASAP and finger comb as opposed to using a brush.

If you tote around hand cream, use a dime sized amount to tame flyaways or use it as a makeshift mousse to create a sleek ponytail or bun.

Alternatively, take advantage of the situation and use your rain soaked hair to test-drive that oh so on-trend wet look.

6. Turn panda eyes into a sexy smoky eye

When it rains, it pours and your perfectly applied makeup will undoubtedly fall victim to nature’s wrath.

If you’re a glass half full kind of person, you can make the best of your smudged eyeliner situation by turning the mess into a smoky eye.

Hand cream serves as a great emergency makeup remover so use it to clean up any under-eye smudges. Follow that up by using your finger to salvage your ruined liner and make it look less panda and more sultry seductress.

7. Keep your cult favourites looking like new

Cult favourites like Toms, Keds and Vans are notoriously easy to ruin when you finally decide to clean them.

You might want to toss your soggy shoes in the washing machine after getting caught in a storm but trust us, you won’t be pleased with the result. Hand washing canvas shoes is always advisable. Never put them in the dryer either or risk warping the insoles. Rather, let them dry in sunlight or in a warm, dry place indoors.

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