04/13/2016 12:04 EDT

Bunmi Laditan Video: Difference Between Dropping Off First And Third Child

Anyone with more than one child knows that once the second one comes along, all delusions of being the perfect parent goes out the window.

That's a feeling that Bunmi Laditan, the woman behind the popular twitter account Honest Toddler, knows all too well.

In a video called 'Leaving Baby With The Grandparents: 1st Child vs Third Child' uploaded to her Facebook page about a week ago, Laditan shows the stark contrast in the giving of damns once the brood increases.

The video begins with Laditan dropping off baby number one at the grandparents -- child clutched to her chest as she reads off a litany of demands.

bunmi laditan

"As I said, please refrain from speaking above a three because little brains need little sounds," she starts. "She can have milk but it has to be organic and only from cows with full grazing rights, okay," Laditan continues to advise.

By the time baby number three arrives, Laditan can't be bothered to take the kids inside anymore.

bunmi laditan

"He actually has a cough right now, it's pretty bad. It's probably contagious but I'm treating it with ...uh... positive thinking," she says from the driver's seat of her car. "Alright so if you have any kind of emergency please don't hesitate to call 911. My phone's going to be off," she warns before she drives off.

The video has been viewed almost three million times and shared over 26,000 on Facebook. It also has about 4,800 thousand comments where parents are sharing their own changed attitudes.

"Last week I didn't even get out of my car when dropping the kids at grandma's. My oldest had to unbuckle the youngest and help her to the front door. Buhbye! Have fun. Don't call me!" said one commenter.

"When I went to the hospital to have my second one, I left a full detailed manual on baby care and packed enough shit for 5 babies for 2 weeks. Once the second one arrived, I literally roll up to the mailbox, drop them off, and call the grandparents to let them know that the kids are outside whilst slinging gravel pulling out of that piece. (Not really. Please don't call CPS on me, but you get the picture.)" said another.

Some are nominating Laditan for President, others are proposing sister-wives situations. Either way, Laditan sure is striking a cord.

The Canadian blogger started her Twitter account in May 2012 because she just needed a laugh. "I had a 5 yr old, 2 yr old, I was in a new city and I needed to laugh. I didn’t have a car yet, I was just really stressed out and wanted to make myself laugh," she told Babble.

Her Twitter, Honest Toddler, vocalizes what Laditan thinks is her toddler's stream of consciousness and has more than 300,000 followers. It also spawned a book, "The Honest Toddler: A Child’s Guide to Parenting," in 2013.

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