04/13/2016 10:44 EDT

Tim Hortons Apologizes For Being Late On The Maple Trend

Tim Hortons

There are few things more Canadian than Tim Hortons, maple and the overwhelming tendency to say "sorry."

The coffee-and-doughnut chain combined all three when it announced two new frozen, maple-flavoured beverages on Wednesday.

“To all Canadians, I want to sincerely apologize. We should have thought of the Maple Iced Capp and Creamy Maple Chill sooner,” David Clanachan, President and COO of Tim Hortons Canada, said in a statement.

The two new additions are only available for a limited time, but with the weather warming up, there isn't a better time to enjoy them.

Tim Hortons merged with Burger King in 2015, but the company has maintained its Canadian appeal across the country.

In addition to the new drinks, the company also put together "How Canadian Are You?" quiz.

Our result? #SoCanadian!

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