04/13/2016 11:33 EDT

Toronto's #DTAdvice Video Is 1 More Reason For The Rest Of Canada To Laugh At Toronto

The City of Toronto has released a video that will demolish any form of global coolness instilled by Drake, the Raptors and The Weeknd.

In an effort to get residents to give their advice for Toronto's downtown core as it "grows up," the city made a video titled #DTAdvice featuring people giving advice to some sort of humanoid named "DT."

The groan-inducing, eye-glazing cauldron of agony features several Toronto residents and politicians.

Some of (oh dear God) "DT's" family members are here:


"DT will never be able to purchase a home in this city. Good."

One-man Drake marketing firm Norm Kelly also makes an appearance as the "dad."

And yes, he drops a Drake reference.

"What's that? Do I write my own tweets? Ha ha ha ha"

Mayor John Tory appears at the end to share "DT" all the wonderful advice he's received.

This is an actual quote from the video because it's amazing: "Hey, DT, it's JT. I've got some good stuff for you. Keep your pride. Places to play. Families really like your parks. Bike lanes. Something from Drake?"

As you can imagine, the video is a smash hit currently exists on YouTube, where several commenters are showering it with praise:

"What? This doesn't really represent Toronto at all," wrote one Alex Gambrell.

"I feel like this video is so bad it actually somehow does accurately represent Toronto. It tries, really hard, and is still a big flop," wrote YouTube user speier.

What do you think of the video? What kind of advice would you give "DT?"

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