04/14/2016 02:11 EDT | Updated 04/14/2016 04:36 EDT

Calgary SUV Thief Did Not Think This One Through

Fastest arrest ever.

An alleged thief jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire in a futile attempt to evade Calgary police.

The not-so-great escape was captured in a hilarious video and shared by

Calgary police.

On Tuesday afternoon, a suspect spotted an easy opportunity in southeast Calgary when a Chevrolet Blazer was left running with the keys in the ignition.

He jumped in the SUV and took off, and police quickly gave chase. As speeds increased, officers were forced to drop back for the safety of other drivers. They broadcast the location and description of the SUV over police radio.

In a brilliant tactical move, the suspect decided to drop off the stolen vehicle in a parking lot — not realizing it was in front of Calgary's District One police station.

Watch the video to check out what might be the city's fastest arrest.

Police said that a 42-year-old suspect has been charged with motor vehicle theft, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, operation of an uninsured motor vehicle and operation of a motor vehicle without a valid licence.

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