04/14/2016 11:28 EDT

Japanese Town's Tsunami Simulation Video Is Absolutely Horrifying

Awareness, fear, horror, the usual.

Officials in Japan have created a fairly petrifying simulation of a tsunami ravaging a popular tourist destination.

The video, which you can watch above, shows a gargantuan wave crashing on the town of Kamakura, according to The Weather Network. The water slams into shrines, a train track and homes as it floods the town.

Local officials said they hope the exercise raises awareness and preparedness, according to The Daily Mail, as people have let their guard down since a horrific tsunami hit Japan in 2011.

Yep, definitely feeling more aware now. (YouTube)

Global News reports that scientists believe a 14-metre tsunami could strike Kamakura. If that happened, residents would have eight minutes to flee.

A different animation created earlier this year showed what the Pacific Ocean would look like if an estimated 9.2-magnitude quake hit a faultline that runs from Vancouver Island to northern California. Such a tremor would generate a tsunami that would reach Japan nine hours later.

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