04/14/2016 03:27 EDT | Updated 04/14/2016 03:32 EDT

The Story So Far Singer Drop-Kicks Fan In Toronto

"It was a cowardly act."

A punk rock band from California has been banned from performing at a Toronto club after its frontman drop-kicked a fan off the stage.

The Story So Far was playing on stage at the Mod Club on Monday when a woman climbed on stage to take a selfie. A video posted to YouTube shows singer Parker Cannon suddenly jumping up and then drop-kicking her.

"We are appalled by the actions of the singer," Jorge Dias, the club's general manager, told CBC News, adding that the incident was "a very cowardly act."

Barricade at next show

The band is slated to perform at the Garrick Centre in Winnipeg on Thursday night.

The centre's manager, Jamie Dowse, told The Huffington Post Canada that there will be a barricade to prevent concertgoers from getting onto the stage as an extra precaution, but there are no plans to stop the show.

"We do not approve of violence against women or men and there are laws in our legal code to protect the victims. If they are convicted of criminal assault we too will ban this group from future bookings," he wrote in a Facebook message.

The woman at the Toronto show apparently didn't mind being kicked. According to Exclaim, she wrote on Facebook that it was all in good fun, and part of the "hardcore" atmosphere.

Cannon has been violent on stage before. Last summer, he kicked a male fan who was trying to take a selfie, and in 2014, he jumped off stage to tackle a security guard in Montreal. According to comments attached to video of that incident, Cannon felt the guard was being too violent with a crowd-surfing fan.

Jordan Buckley, the guitarist for Every Time I Die, defended Cannon's actions. Buckley also kicked a fan at a show in 2014.

While there has been much online debate over the nature of gendered violence in the music scene, it seems many of the band's female fans remain loyal.

But others are asking some valid questions.

The band finishes its cross-Canada tour on April 18 in Vancouver.

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