04/15/2016 04:21 EDT | Updated 04/15/2016 09:14 EDT

Vikram Vij's Kitchen Must-Haves For Indian Cooking

You are going to need some ghee.

For anyone who is interested in picking up Indian cuisine, it's all about having the right ingredients or spice box.

A spice box can be found in most South Asian homes — it is a steel dabba or container that consists of staple spices and other ingredients.

In the video above, Indo-Canadian chef Vikram Vij says cooking Indian food is like a "little democracy," basically, you can add any ingredient to create one big flavourful dish. He also goes through the staples of his spice box, focusing on spices, mints and even ghee.

While ghee is something you wouldn't necessarily add to your spice box, it is a staple to keep around in your pantry. And once you have the box ready to go, check out these tips on how to cook the perfect Indian meal.

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