04/15/2016 01:06 EDT

Rex Murphy: Donald Trump Is A Yuge 'Middle Finger' To American Politics

Rex Murphy is feeling the Bern.

In his latest Point of View segment on CBC, which you can watch above, the commentator hails U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as the "real miracle" in America's election campaign.

Murphy says the 74-year-old has proven to be a "class warrior of the old school," daring to take on the "entire Clinton owned and operated Democratic establishment."

But before he could start showering Sanders with praise, Murphy slides in a couple of jabs at the campaign's other surprise: Donald Trump.

"For a whole lot of people Trump is one yuge middle finger of how politics is and has been played in America for a generation," he says.

"And for a whole lot of others, he's just a vulgar, egotistical, shallow, rude shyster who's a stain on the very idea of democratic politics."

Some New Democrats looking to Sanders, too

Murphy's admiration of Sanders is just the latest praise from up north for the U.S. senator's campaign.

Just ahead of the NDP convention last week that saw leader Thomas Mulcair rejected by delegates, Ontario NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo said the party needed a leader like Sanders to inspire voters.

"The only place left is left," she told The Huffington Post Canada. "There is a real appetite for that."

And DiNovo's not alone. NDP MP Niki Ashton, who ran for leadership in 2012 and is considered a possible contender to run again, made it abundantly clear in December that she backs Sanders.

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