04/15/2016 06:23 EDT | Updated 04/15/2016 09:11 EDT

Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim '1 In 6' Chance To Win Is BS, Says This Guy

Tim Hortons sets the odds of winning a coffee or food prize in the "Roll Up the Rim" contest at "1 in 6" across Canada.

But how true is that statistic? Toronto man Demetri Koutsaris put it to the test.

Koutsaris gathered 100 cups for a simple experiment: he would roll up the rim on every single one of them to see how many wins he could rack up, and capture it all in a video that was posted to YouTube on Tuesday.

UPDATE: 4:45 p.m. -- The video was taken down, per a request from Mr. Koutsaris' agent.

The result? Well, the stat is BS, according to him. He didn't have a single win in 100 cups.

tim hortons roll up rim

Odds of winning vary for different prizes in the contest.

You have an approximately 1 in 11,122 chance of winning a $100 Tims card, according to the coffee chain. And the odds only fall further out of your favour from there.

Want to win a LED TV? Your chances are 1 in 2,320,710. A Honda Divid EXT Sedan? 1 in 6,901,060.

The contest runs until May 8; all prizes must be collected by then. That is, IF you win anything.

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