04/16/2016 04:22 EDT

Charde Heremaia Rages About Lack Of Bra Sizes For Big-Chested Women

Bra companies, this one's for you.

Bra companies, your chesty patrons have a message for you.

YouTuber Charde Heremaia launched into a rant as she shopped at her local Kmart in New Zealand. Heremaia went through rack after rack of bras, and struggled to find one that would fit her double-F chest, much less a pretty one.

The comedy vlogger held up one that looked like it may be her size, and pointed out that it was "f*cking ugly."

Heremaia combed the store, and by the end of her minute-long video, could not find her size at all, let alone one that was affordable or a pretty colour.

"Some of us ... we like to be a bit of a saucy minx every now and again."

"Some of us young ones [with big chests], we like to be a bit of a saucy minx every now and again," she pleads, holding up a bright blue, embellished B-cup.

A fed up Heremaia posted the video to YouTube and her Facebook page, Memoirs of a Maori, where it's received more than 760,000 views combined.

There are literally thousands of user comments, many of them which identify with Heremaia's struggle. These complaints are hilarious, and also right on the money.

In 2010, Le Mystére design director Jessica Pfister told The Cut that it takes her three-person team about two years to develop a bra that can support a 44H chest.

Another plus-size bra company president, Linda LoRe, told The Cut that it seems many bra companies don't want to take the gamble on something so pricey and time consuming.

But for LoRe's company and Le Mystére, larger sizes made up 70 to 80 per cent of their sales.

Now years later, there are plenty of options online, but still few on display in stores, and most cup sizes lager than DD are much more expensive.

Just last year Victoria's Secret was criticized for charging customers more for bigger bras sizes, still only in the D to DDD range.

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