04/18/2016 04:26 EDT

Angelina Jolie Has A Lookalike, And She's Kylie Jenner's Friend, Mara Teigen

It's like we're seeing double!

They say everyone has a doppelganger, and it looks like we've found Angelina Jolie's.

The Internet is abuzz upon discovering the 40-year-old actress' lookalike, who just happens to be part of Kylie Jenner's squad.

Her name? Mara Teigen.

Here's what she looks like:

A photo posted by MARA TEIGEN (@marateigen_) on

And here's Jolie, for reference:

It's like we're seeing double!

Teigen, a model whose credits include Milani Cosmetics, Frankie's Bikinis and Kylie Cosmetics Glosses, boasts 568k followers on Instagram and shares the same plump pout and high cheekbones as Angie.

A photo posted by MARA TEIGEN (@marateigen_) on

Mara isn't Jolie's only look-alike, however. Twenty-seven-year-old Vancouver model, Veronika Black, made headlines for her striking similarities to the humanitarian, as did Scottish woman Chelsea Marr.

Our only question is, if one of these doppelgangers have children with a Brad Pitt look-alike, will their babies look like Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox?

Check out more celeb look-alikes in the gallery below!

Photo gallery Whoa, Doppelgangers! See Gallery

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