04/18/2016 11:55 EDT

Australian Actor Covers Himself In Tattoos Of His Kids' Drawings

An Australian actor has paid tribute to his kids in the most beautiful way – by tattooing their artwork all over his chest and arms.

On Reddit, a user shared a photo of actor Eddie Baroo and his impressive ink. The 47-year-old has four kids – Molly, Bailey, Harry and Teishe – and decided to turn their childhood drawings into unique tattoos. A spectacular mural now covers his upper body.

Eddie has four children, Molly, Bailey, Harry and Teishe. Their early childhood pictures have been turned into distinctive tattoo work that adorns his arms and chest. (copied from imdb)

Many Redditors were impressed with the effect. “Damn, he still looks like a total badass,” one user wrote.

Another said, “If I become a father, I'm gonna have their pictures tattooed on me, too.”

But while the photo received praise, it also made some users feel bad for tossing out their kid’s drawings. “I feel like shit now, because I throw my 4 year old's artworks away as soon as he loses interest in keeping them, because the pre-k school he is in sends home more and more every single day,” one said. “I am not a hoarder so I have to toss 99% of it.”

In response, many sympathized with the user and offered solutions that were less extreme than getting them tattooed. “I just pick a couple of favorites and frame them,” one offered. “I used to hold on to everything, but then it got ridiculous.”

Another had a genius idea: “If you feel bad enough, take a picture of them before you throw them away, then email the pictures to an account you set up for him. He can have it when he's 18, and have fun going through it all.”

Baroo isn’t the first father to tattoo his kids’ art all over his body. Last year, Peterborough, Ont., father Keith Anderson made headlines for tattooing his son’s drawings on his arms. Anderson has been adding one tattoo each year since his now 11-year-old son was four.


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