04/18/2016 03:32 EDT | Updated 04/19/2016 10:21 EDT

Kobe The Pit Bull Has A Permanent Smile After Finding Foster Home

Say hi to Kobe.

This is Kobe, a pit bull with a seemingly permanent smile plastered to his face.

Look at this face. (Baltimore Bully Crew/Facebook)

That massive grin took hold after the pup found a loving foster home with Sean and Jade, who met him through the Baltimore Bully Crew foster group, according to Barkpost.

“He gives that face whenever he sits down with you,” Sean said. “Since he has been getting used to receiving lots of love and food, it seems like he is smiling more often.”

The dog was in "rough shape," according to the website.

Kobe will be up for adoption once he finishes heartworm treatment, according to the foster group.

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