04/19/2016 01:19 EDT | Updated 04/19/2016 01:22 EDT

My Curves Have No Bounds: Women Rock Their Visible Belly Outlines

"Embracing all of our bumps and curves is a beautiful thing."

Years ago, when I heard the first murmurs of body positivity, it was all about loving your curves. Now at that time, "curves" was referring to someone with an hourglass figure, and loving your curves was all about showing off your curvy hips, smaller waist and larger breasts.

But this message was incomplete. Some women also have bellies, and that didn't fit into this "love your curves" story. It was all about highlighting your "strengths," but concealing your belly at all costs.

Now admittedly, I have played into this, too — doubling up on Spanx, sticking with fit and flare silhouettes, anything to trick myself into believing I was curvy "in all the right places." Then something amazing happened. Women began proudly showing all of their curves, bumps and bellies! They embraced what their bodies were, and it was beautiful.

Eventually this movement adopted an acronym, because nothing happens in this century without a good hashtag. And so it was coined "visible belly outline" or #VBO.

One of the most empowering feelings I have experienced on my body positivity journey has been when I have worn a body-con dress, sans Spanx, and began to see my VBO as another beautiful feature of my body. This is a powerful experience that women of all sizes should have the right to. As our bodies change, for whatever reasons, embracing all of our bumps and curves (including our VBO) is a beautiful thing.

I am always inspired by women sharing their body positive journeys with the world, so here are some of the incredible women who have shared their VBO to continue to inspire women to do the same.

Kristin Chirico | Senior Editor, BuzzFeed

#OOTD visible belly line week, day two -- 2 belly 2 furious

A photo posted by Kristin Chirico (@itskristinchirico) on

Chirico did a feature where she sought out looks to showcase her VBO.

Lyndsay Patricia | Aspiring Model

Big belly life. LOVING my new dress from @dolld.kouture ������ #thankyouuuuu

A photo posted by Lyndsay Patricia (@plussizebarbiiee) on

Lyndsay is never afraid to show her VBO.

Jewelz M | Model | Founder of @BigandBlunt

Jewelz feels free showing her VBO and reflects, "To think that just about a year ago I let fear dress me and control my life seems unreal."

Saucyé West | Model

Plus-size model, Saucyé West says, "I don't suck nothing in!"

Virgie Tovar | Lecturer | Activist | Author

These are the earrings I want to be taxidermy'd in, you guys. #losehatenotweight #psootd #fatspiration #vbo

A photo posted by Virgie Tovar (@virgietovar) on

Virgie started the movement #losehatenotweight, and is a clear supporter of showing off her VBO.

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