04/20/2016 11:02 EDT

Smarttress Can Tell You If Your Partner Is Cheating On You

"Having peace of mind is not easy in a relationship.. until now."

Cheating on someone in the bed you share is an especially brazen move — but what if the same bed could tip you off?

Spanish mattress company Durmet has created the Smarttress, a mattress that claims to track any lovin' that happens when you're not in it.

Billed as the mattress that "will let you rest 24 hours," its Lover Detection System features vibration sensors and a "contact zones detector" to gauge the length, intensity and impact per minute of a lovemaking session.

Owners download an app which notifies you of all these metrics when the mattress is being used in an unsavoury way,

In a fantastically cheesy promotional video, Durmet warns that infidelity is an epidemic, one that has especially afflicted Spain.

The video cites stories about last year's data leak from cheating website Ashley Madison, which found that a huge number of users came from the country.

"Having peace of mind is not easy in a relationship.. until now."

This is a real product, one that you can pre-order online for the equivalent of C$2,100.

And yes, the mattress can tell the difference between your dog jumping on it and people having sex, a Durmet spokesperson told Vice.

The net of sensors sends a signal to the Smarttress server, which can analyze the motions to tell whether or not people are getting busy on it, said Damien Lucas.

The app also sends you a 3D image that shows how the bed is being used from the side and the front.

Durmet has already been contacted by potential buyers, another rep told Re/Code.

The company even held a public event recently, inviting people to test the mattress.

We say $2,100 is a lot of money for an item that will do little to improve trust between couples, but that's just us.

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