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B.C. Mom Gets Violation Notice For Kids Playing Too Loudly

The Coquitlam mom found the notice posted on her front door on Saturday.

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A B.C. mom was furious after she received a bylaw warning that her three kids were making too much noise while playing outside her home.

On Saturday, Jana D’Addabbo, of Coquitlam, found the notice posted on her front door stating that her kids – a six-year-old boy and eight-year-old twins – were creating “noise that disturbs.” It also stated that the children need to “keep yelling and screaming to a minimum.”

D’Addabbo, who encourages her kids to play outside in nice weather, was surprised by the warning, especially since none of her neighbours have talked to her about her children’s noise levels before.

“It is not very neighbourly,” she told Tri-City News. “I don't even know half my neighbours and we have lived here eight years — eight years and you do not know anybody, which is pretty sad.”

While the mom-of-three says residents have never complained before, her neighbours disagree. One unnamed woman, who was not the complainant, told CTV News that they have tried talking to D’Addabbo before, but nothing was done to remedy the situation.

Coarse language, behaviour that can endanger others. That’s from a parent perspective and a member of the neighbourhood, and that’s why I can appreciate that there could be complaints,” the anonymous woman said.

This is also not the first time D’Addabbo's family has received a warning. Last year, they received a similar notice.

Despite this, D’Addabbo is still unsure of what noise level is considered innocent play and what is considered bylaw infraction. The notice did not specify a decibel level or time of day, Tri-City News reports.

Currently, Coquitlam's bylaw manager Andrea MacDonald is investigating the situation. “In order to prove an offence, we have to prove that it is disturbing the neighbourhood,” MacDonald said.

She also added that “ticketing is always the last resort.”

According to Coquitlam's bylaws, those who violate the city’s noise regulations can be fined between $100 to $2,000 for the offence.

On Twitter, the public had mixed feelings about D’Addabbo’s situation. “Are we moving back to the ‘kids should be seen and not heard’ erra (sic)? Let kids play. Rather them be outside than inside!” one wrote.

Another argued: “Having consideration for your neighbors is also an option.”

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