04/20/2016 11:26 EDT | Updated 04/20/2016 11:31 EDT

Vitali Laurentide Catch: Watch Ontario Gymnastics Coach's Quick Reflexes

As parents, our hearts stop every time we fear a child is about to fall. So when one gymnastics coach saved an 11-year-old girl from an incredibly painful drop, we nearly had a heart attack.

Coach Vitali Laurentide, from Gym Magic Gymnastics Club in Burlington, Ont., used his fast reflexes to swoop in and catch young gymnast Cadence Tuite, who slipped during a warm-up routine on the uneven bars.

A video of the incident shows the girl attempting a handstand split on the high bar before she accidentally slips and seemingly falls head first onto the mats below.

Luckily, Coach Vitali swiftly catches her and tumbles her to safety.

Watch the incredible save above.

The incident occurred at the 2016 Women's Artistic Gymnastics Ontario Championships. Following the event, Inside Edition spoke to Tuite, who says she “didn’t know what was going on” during her fall.

Tuite’s mom, Michelle, and many others are now praising the coach for his amazing catch.

“I'm so thankful he was there,” Michelle said. “It happened so fast. I thought it was the mat that was rolled up around her and then I realized it was her coach.”

Gym Magic Gymnastics Club also applauded the coach on their Facebook page: “Our amazing coach Vitali won an award at Provinicals (sic) too for Best Catch Ever! We are thankful to have such great coaches at Gym Magic!”

Way to go, Coach!

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