04/23/2016 10:32 EDT

Jimmy Fallon 'Ignition' Quartet Crashes Vancouver Restaurant

Fallon crashed Paul McCartney's concert in Vancouver earlier.

Of all the things that could interrupt your fancy dinner, Jimmy Fallon singing "Ignition" isn't the worst.

Diners at Le Crocodile, an upscale French restaurant in Vancouver, were interrupted by a group of guys who stood up from their table to announce they wanted to perform the R. Kelly hit as a quartet.

Mahram Z. Foadi, who was eating dinner, decided to take a video that he later uploaded to YouTube.

Bounce, bounce, bounce. (Photo: Mahram Z. Foadi/YouTube screengrab)

In the YouTube description, Foadi wrote that he assumed the group was drunk and the stunt would be funny, or get them kicked out of the restaurant.

That's when he realized one of the singers was none other than the "The Tonight Show" host himself.

A video taken from another angle shows Fallon's group serenading a bemused chef and owner, Michel Jacob, who gives them some good-natured applause at the end.

Fallon is in Vancouver filming scenes for Race Through New York, an upcoming amusement park ride for Universal Studios Orlando, according to The Vancouver Sun.

Fallon seems to be having a great time in Vancouver. On Wednesday, he crashed Paul McCartney's concert at Rogers Arena, joining the former Beatle on stage for a rendition of "I Saw Her Standing There."

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