04/25/2016 04:15 EDT | Updated 04/25/2016 04:15 EDT

Naheed Nenshi To Be Investigated By Calgary Integrity Commissioner After Uber Comments

The mayor has apologized to city council.

CALGARY — Comments made by Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi about the ride-hailing service Uber will be reviewed by the city's integrity commissioner.

Nenshi was using a rival service in Boston recently when he was critical of Uber's background checks for drivers and used a coarse word to describe the company's CEO.

Nenshi didn't know the Boston driver was livestreaming the conversation.

The mayor has apologized to city council, which has voted to send the matter to the integrity commissioner for review.

Nenshi also said he didn't reveal any confidential information when he told the driver someone with a criminal record had made it through Uber's screening process.

He said the real question is that no one until now had asked how the city knew that.

City staff are planning to issue a statement later today.

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