04/25/2016 02:16 EDT

20 Filling Rice Recipes For Lunch

Few ingredients are as versatile as rice.

Few ingredients are as versatile as rice. It can be enjoyed with vegetarian dishes or those filled with meats, and equally delicious in both. It works with a wide variety of global cuisines. It easily absorbs the flavours it’s cooked with, but tastes great all on its own. And it’s a filling, inexpensive way to bulk up a meal.

All of this makes rice a great staple to base lunches around. You can cook a bunch up and freeze it, defrosting what you need to throw a meal together. Or you can make a big batch of something easily reheated and spread your grains over a few days. Either way, rice provides you with plenty of options for easy-to-make meals that are so delicious you’ll make sure you make enough to have leftovers for dinner.

Here are 20 easy rice recipes, from vegan and vegetarian to meaty. They include comfort-food classics and clean-eating dishes. However you like your lunch, there’s something for you here.

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