04/25/2016 12:02 EDT

10 Ingredients We Could All Probably Live Without

What's lurking in those deli slices?

While most of us try to read food labels as a precaution, sometimes a product can have way too many ingredients.

"If it reads more like a science experiment than a recipe, give it a pass," says registered dietitian Desiree Nielsen. "Ingredients that exist simply to extend shelf life or enhance flavour are the hallmark of our ultra-processed food system."

The foundation of a healthy diet, Nielsen adds, is focusing on one ingredients foods — like vegetables and fruits. But of course, this isn't ideal for everyone, and even when we're looking for snacks, dressings or anything packaged, sometimes you may be unintentionally adding unhealthy ingredients to your diet.

When you're shopping, other experts recommend avoiding foods with 10 to 15 ingredients. holistic nutritionist Danielle Felip notes, keep an eye on the ingredients mentioned at the top of the list — these are the most used ingredients in a product.

Below, Nielsen lists some of the most harmful ingredients out there, giving us a good reminder to always read labels. Which ones would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below:

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